7 Tried-And-Tested Muscle-Building Exercises

Muscle building is not a child’s play but you should make efforts in the right direction to achieve desired results.

Here is a list of the best muscle building exercises which will give you that chiseled body, the one you would love to flaunt.

1. Barbell Deadlift

It is the perfect exercise for overall backside development. Physiologists recommend this exercise as it increases your strength and conditioning. This exercise moulds your musculature and strengthens your bone structure.

Technique is the most important in a deadlift but once you get a hang of it then, you can progress to lifting heavier weights which will give you maximum muscle, secrete muscle building hormones and aid you in being huge.

2. Bent Over Barbell Deadlift

This is one of the best back movements when it comes to how much weight you can lift. Researches have suggested that doing this exercise would work the larger muscle groups of the upper and the lower back equally which makes it a great back builder.

This exercise too require a lot of technique but once nailed, it will reward you with tons of muscle.

3. Wide Grip Pull up

Wide grip pull ups are the best for the upper latissimus muscle. If you find them hard, you could pull up machine or a good spotter. Good form is extremely important here as well, pull your shoulder blades towards each other prior to beginning the pull.

4. Reverse Grip Smith Machine Row

This takes care of the lower latissimus muscle. The biceps and the elbows play the major role here. The machine only allows you to concentrate on pulling the maximum weight without worrying about balancing it.

5. Single Arm Dumbell Row

It is a unilateral exercise which focuses more on the lower latissimus muscle unless you intentionally push your elbows outwards.

Each side of your body works independently in this exercise. You will get a greater range of motion while practicing this particular workout and won’t get disheartened when your weaker side fails

6. Decline Bench Dumbbell Pullover

This is a single joint exercise but it allows to target your lats intensely. The declined version of bench when compared to the flat version yields better results, as the former version puts your lats in a longer range of motion.

7. Farmer Walks

This exercise is actually performed using kettlebells or dumbbells. Deadlift the weights up and power walk. If you are unable to control the weights and they overpower you then lessen the weights being used.

You should be able to control them and not the other way around.

Final Verdict

If you are wondering as to how many repetitions of the above exercises you must do and in which order, the truth is that it varies from the doer’s fitness level.

Work hard on these exercises and try to stick to the basics. Try to enjoy the process and do it with passion. You will notice the results soon.

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It is a natural muscle building supplement which keeps you energetic and reduces your recovery time.