Astoria VR: Experience Reality Without Going Anywhere

Astoria VRAstoria VR :- There was a time when the only option for us to get entertained by watching movies is to either watch it in the cinema hall or on the laptop. However, soon we started to see the shift with the advent of smartphones. Due to the time crunch, we are always on the run and cannot go the cinema hall every now and then and since the size of our laptop doesn’t allow us to carry it everywhere with us, we started watching movies on the phone. The size of the screen does hinder the entertainment but some of us are okay with it because not everyone has deep pockets to look for another alternative. 

No more compromise on the quality of the picture because I am going to give you something that won’t burn the hole in your pocket and at the same time also helps you to experience the best movie quality of picture wherever you are. Astoria VR is the headset you should get if you are a movie buff and love to get entertained right within your comfort zone. 

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In an essence what Astoria VR is all about? 

Ever since smartphones have started to penetrate in our lives, virtual reality is at boom. Although it is fun to play the game or watch a movie on your smartphone but still there are many virtual games out there and movies which require you to have the full view of the screen which smartphones don’t offer. Add to that, there is some distance between you and the phone which stops you from getting entertained fully too.

Get Astoria VR, the virtual reality headset which you just need to setup around your head and there you can get the focus you have never felt before. For a moment, it might feel like you are in reality there when you are actually not. Basically, it lets you feel like you are part of the virtual reality experience.   

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How to get started with this headset? 

Are you ready to experience the virtual reality without going anywhere? Then all you have to do is insert your phone on Astoria VR and you are ready.

When playing games on your phone, it is possible to get distracted but when you have Astoria VR then the actual fun starts because all the distraction will be eliminated. These people below too are having fun ever since they have got this headset. Let’s see what they have to say about this. 

Paul, 34 shares “What an experience is to have this headset by your side. I have never felt so entertained then I am feeling now. Isn’t amazing to experience those places without stepping outside of your home? All because of Astoria VR, I have been able to play thrilling games in a better view. I have also virtually visited the national park. This is such an amazing product I wouldn’t mind recommending to others”

Mike, 35 says “Reality never seems so much better to me ever since I have got Astoria VR. It is so compact and lightweight that I can carry this with me anywhere I want. This has truly become my best travel partner” 

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From where to buy? 

Just click the link below to make a purchase of Astoria VR. Currently, many discounts are going on this gadget. Look at the offers below and choose the best for you. 

If you wish to buy three virtual headsets then in return you will get two free and in total it will cost you $149.97 with 29/each. 

If you purchase two headsets then you will get one free. In total, this will cost you $119.97 with $39/each per unit. 

You also have the option to purchase just one headset and it will cost you $59/ea 

These are not just the only offer going on, there are others too and for that, you have to click the link below. 

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What are its features?

When you insert your phone in this virtual reality headset, you get a 360 degree view of everything. This allows you to enjoy each and every scene of a movie or a game you are playing. It is able to revolve such effectively is because of its design which has a side knob

  • No matter which phone you have, this headset will be compatible with your phone as its structure is designed in such a way that makes it easy for any phone to get adjusted in this virtual headset.
  • After using this, your head won’t get hurt as it is very comfortable to wear and you can wear it for the longer hours without feeling your brain getting pressurized of this. To provide us with the extra comfort, it is composed of the leather cushion
  • Why enjoy alone when you have the option to enjoy together and to let others to get in the fun pond, you can choose the option of buying multiple headsets at one given point of time. What’s better is that you will get huge discount on your final cost. 

With these mind blowing features, it is hard to imagine one not getting entertained or regretting about their purchase. 

What if I don’t like this headset?

From the above, you must have got to know that Astoria VR comes with so many amazing benefits that chances are very high that you won’t find in any other headset within same price range. Still, if you don’t like this headset, you don’t have to worry about your money being wasted as this comes with the 14 day money back guarantee. In this, you have the option to return this headset with 14 days of your purchase and get your money back too. Now you have the rock-solid guarantee too, then what are you waiting for, avail this as now you have nothing to lose. 

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